Coca-Cola: Searching for the sweet spot

Todd Wilkinson

By employing innovation in the battle for brand relevancy and cultural saliency, Coca-Cola marketer and ANA board member Alison Lewis is helping her iconic company to thrive

Every Fortune 500 company has its own concept of marketing to scale. And then there's that of Coca-Cola, which exists in a class all its own. Propelled forward by the most iconic and valuable brand in the world — and boasting a diverse beverage portfolio of 650 other brands — Coca-Cola has a sense of scale that is second to none. Every day, some 1.8 billion servings of its sodas, fruit juices, health drinks, and bottled water products are dispensed across a supply chain that extends to more than 200 countries.

If those numbers sound astounding, consider this: Coca-Cola board chair and CEO Muhtar Kent vows that by 2020 the Atlanta-based multinational will double its global business over 2010 levels. To meet that ambitious goal, Kent is relying heavily on senior marketing executives like Canadian-born Alison Lewis.