Webmeter, wherever you are - first results and learnings

Sebastiaan Moesman
Reddion and TC STIR, Netherlands

Camiel Camps and Marion Appel
Intomart GfK, Netherlands


Internet audiences in the Netherlands are now measured in a unique panel survey, Webmeter, which supplies information on reach and frequency of websites. The aspect that makes this survey unique is the measurement of the individual's behaviour from any browser that he or she uses, be it at home, at work, school or any other location.

Until recently, the services available for internet audience measurements were unable to live up to the specific requirements of media planners and buyers in the Netherlands. This situation led a group of internet providers to commission a new study, with the objective to achieve a status equal to the other, more established media types. The new Internet Audience Measurement began at the end of 2004. STIR recently published first results.