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Measuring ad Effectiveness by Quantitative Comparison of Qualitative Dimensions

Marije Andela and Bas de Vos
Ster, Netherlands


Most research on television effectiveness focuses only on campaign reach and sales effects. Although this is relevant research, it lacks information on the very foundation of effectiveness: the television advertisement itself and the way in which the audience processes its message.

In 2002, in collaboration with MarketResponse Netherlands, Ster devised a new method for the measurement of the processing of television ads by audiences. This research yields learnings on specific brands and the way members of the audience process the communication concerning these brands.

The present paper will firstly describe how this method was developed. Secondly, it shows results for an individual case. So far, 32 television advertisements for 32 individual brands in eight types of industry have been researched. The database we built with these cases contains over 4,000 observations and enables us to find more general results about the effectiveness of television ads. The third part of this paper will describe the first learnings of the analysis of our database.