Robots' journey to the east: Using pioneering social media research technology to solve the market research challenges in China

Richard Shaw and Anna af Hallstrom
BrainJuicer, UK


This paper examines how applied research into material posted on various social media can inform our understanding of a pre-defined demographic group in China. Our methodology is discussed in detail in a separate section below, but its essence lies in creating a virtual entity (O'Hara, 2011) or 'bot' - which we call a DigiVidual™ - to 'bring to life' the target group. We build the DigiVidual™ in three steps. First we use a search algorithm based on keywords to locate the data points used in our analysis. We then use a qualitative analysis to highlight key themes emergent in the data. Finally we create a narrative based on these key themes to humanize the findings and to create an intuitively approachable representation of the target group.