Warc Briefing: Newspapers

Definition: Newspaper ad effectiveness is measured by tracking shifts in key performance indicators as a result of communications activity in either a print or online version of a newspaper. Commonly-used indicators are response rates, ad recall, brand awareness and purchase intention.

Quick facts

  • An estimated $81bn was spent on global newspaper advertising in 2009i.
  • In 2009, 44% more people worldwide read a newspaper than went onlineii.
  • Newspapers are the top medium for Americans seeking bargain informationiii.

History and future outlook

Like magazines, newspapers have been forced by the increasing challenge from digital media and the global advertising recession to clarify and strengthen their sales pitch to advertisers.

If magazines responded by emphasizing their role as "high engagement" media, newspapers have pointed to their medium's ability to drive sales directly by providing consumers with topical, trusted, detailed and relevant commercial informationiv.