Programmatic buying

The market for programmatic buying – the automated buying and selling of online display ads – totalled US$12.1bn across key markets in 2013, with 62% of this total (US$7.5bn) spent in the US alone, according to a forecast from Magna Global. As programmatic buying becomes more established in other markets, total spend is predicted to rise to US$33.3bn by 2017. Of the current US spend, US$5.4bn can be accredited to the purchase of desktop display inventory; outweighing both mobile (including social media – US$1.4bn) and video spend (US$685m). Also in 2013, programmatic spend – comprising US$3.2bn RTB (real-time buying) and US$2.2bn non-RTB – in the US surpassed non-programmatic buying (US$3.8bn) for the first time.

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