Brands: What's in a name?

Nikolas Contis

The brand name is the most ubiquitous and visible element in a brand strategy, so it is important to get it right. Nikolas Contis of Siegel+Gale San Francisco outlines some best practice in brand naming.

Several well-chosen words can make a big difference when trying to engage consumers. BMW's tagline is 'The Ultimate Driving Machine'. For a while, Ford's was Drive One. Clearly, there are right words and there are not so right words.

Think about the importance of one right word. Brand names are often just that... one word, like Apple. When it comes to developing brand names, one or two right words count most.

As one of the smallest, but most powerful, pieces of messaging real estate, a brand name is a valuable strategic investment. A good brand name can achieve a good return on investment by: differentiating your company, product or service; engaging your target audience in a unique and special way; setting positive expectations now and in the future about who you are, what you do and what you have to offer; and continuing to release relevant meaning over time.