Vodafone Symphonia

Category: Consumer Services; Retail/Etail
Agency: Colenso BBDO/.99
Client:Vodafone New Zealand


Christmas 2009 was expected to be tougher than ever for Vodafone. A big idea was needed to unite all Christmas brand and retail activity, reverse year long brand decline and drive sales.

Despite the telco market becoming increasingly commoditised and unimaginative, the discovery that consumers were inventing the most amazing uses for their mobile technology became the catalyst for an imaginative use of Vodafone’s Christmas products.


Vodafone was facing the first Christmas in which they’d need to share the spoils with new entrant 2degrees. And those spoils would be more meagre than usual thanks to the global recession.

On top of this, the Vodafone brand was taking a kicking, what with the combo of a new market entrant, service issues and huge spend from Telecom on their new technology. All of these things had seen core brand measures trending downward.