The six signs of analog craving

Jessica Elefante
GoGo SqueeZ

The natural form is making a comeback. What is analog in the way I am referencing it? Quite simply it's the opposite of digital. Examples of things now deemed analog: books, music created sans computers, paper and pen, nature and whole foods.

Bloggers are ahead of this trend. Many are concerned about the effects their tech usage has had on their families and they are making strides to correct it. Read their posts and words such as quit, blackout and detox are often referenced when sharing their challenges about their digital life. They are not alone.

Do you suffer from these symptoms?

  1. Camp Grounded: Operated by the Digital Detox, Camp Grounded recently gained coverage on BuzzFeed, NPR, CNN, Huff Post, NYT, PBS, Mashable and Inc. for the launch of their sleep-away camp where adults go to unplug. Campers had to trade in computers, cell phones, Instagrams, clocks, schedules and work-jargon for an off-the-grid weekend.