Ameriprise Financial: Future Campaign

Business situation & Campaign objectives

The Great Recession in 2008 was the start of a perfect storm of marketing mayhem for financial services firms in general, and Ameriprise was no different. What had for a lifetime seemed like safe investment strategies disappeared in a drop of the Dow.

Trust in financial services firms withered. People felt misused, deceived. They were, accordingly, distrustful—even angry.

Ameriprise Financial, despite being America's #1 financial planning company (based on the number of financial plans executed) had additional obstacles to overcome. The firm was generally unknown, with people unaware of its size, stability, and 117-year heritage.

Amid all this, we had to consider this salient fact: Ameriprise gains over three-quarters of its new clients through referrals. So the questions became: How could we, in this treacherous climate, incite positive conversations on and referrals to Ameriprise? How could we differentiate the brand—remove it, in a sense, from a "tainted" industry? Finally, how could we coalesce and rally the 8,000 employees and 10,000 advisors of Ameriprise? (These included both corporate employees and franchise advisors.)