Using WAP Phones to Conduct Market Research A report on the prelimiary trials

Richard Matthews
Marketing Research Team Manager for Product Development, Nokia Mobile Phones, United Kingdom
Gary Bennett
Associate Director and Head of Telecommunications Research, MORI, United Kingdom.
Joel Down
Associate Director and Head of Web Site Evaluation Research, MORI, United Kingdom.


There has been much debate recently about the use of interactive technology for conducting market research. Specifically, the discussion has centred around the use of the internet as a research medium, though this has almost exclusively focused on the personal computer as a means of accessing online surveys.

The last year has seen a huge growth in the use of mobile phones and the emergence of mobile devices which provide internet access. The most significant development has been the emergence of WAP (Wireless Applications Protocol) mobile phones, providing users with the ability to access simple text-based information on the internet, anywhere within the mobile phone network. Further developments will pave the way for true 'third-generation' mobile technology, giving richer access to the internet at much higher bandwidth.