How marketing has spread across sectors

Laurie Young
BT, Unisys and Price-WaterhouseCoopers

THE MARKETING SOCIETY was formed in the drab, post-war wreck of Britain's 1950s. At the time, America seemed the exact opposite: an exciting and progressive place. It had blue jeans, enormous fridges, jazz and consumer marketing. Gradually, its advertising and sales techniques seeped across the pond and a consumer boom followed. According to historian Eric Hobsbawm:1 'Almost half the washing machines, more than half the refrigerators and more than a third of the TV sets had been bought for the first time between 1958 and 1963.' Consumer marketing caught the attention of British business and gained a reputation for building loved brands, market share and healthy earnings. The latent memory of this initial impact has helped marketing to spread into other sectors since; a mixed story of economics, social phenomena, art, muddle and remarkable individuals.