10 trends in mindful consumption

Marian Salzman and Ann O'Reilly

Euro RSCG Worldwide

The era of mindless consumption is over. Consumers now want a simple, sustainable and self-sufficient life, say Marian Salzman and Ann O'Reilly

Conspicuous consumption. Shop till you drop. All-you-can-eat buffets and supersized meals. The post-World War II era has been marked by a voracious hunger for more. In affluent countries, people bought too much, ate too much, used up too much and owed too much. Yet, for many, it still wasn't enough.There was something missing -lots of things, really. Among them, a sense of control and self-sufficiency, personal responsibility and feelings of community and authenticity. Replacing the constant accumulation of'stuff with these more substantive intangibles lies at the heart of the current shift toward mindfulness – a movement in which heedless excess is exchanged for a more conscious and considered approach to living.