Qualitative insights to solve a luxury problem – marketing to affluent consumers in the digital age

Beth Uyenco
Microsoft Corporation, United States

Olivier Goulet
KR Media, France

Alex Charlton
Essential Research, United Kingdom


While most marketers acknowledge their target consumers' reliance upon digital media, what remains challenging is identifying which of the many forms are effective in engaging consumers. This is no less difficult for luxury goods marketers who remain perplexed by the varying options available and the possible synergies across various ad-supported media.

Qualitative techniques are extremely valuable in uncovering the relative influence of various media – perhaps more so than quantitative approaches. Moreover, this type of research is best at establishing the relationship between consumer and brand, identifying the critical touchpoints for the brand and then the channels which best enable those connections. Only in this manner can we understand how digital platforms such as social media, search and display exert influence in branding and purchase.