Media World: Scaling the Cybercliffs

Peter Fiddick

Classified advertising still the small ads in many readers parlance is not, even to those who sell it, the most glamorous end of the media spectrum. In fact, the most dogsbody starting point for a career in media would have to be that of the slaves whose first task is to go through a rival publications classified pages,
identify the ads it has that you dont have, and hit the phone in the hope of persuading clients who have already spent their cash that your very special offer will produce an altogether classier response.

But its big business, for publications of all sorts, from classified-only magazines such as, in the UK, Exchange & Mart or its skilfully positioned, latterday rival Loot, to the most august national newspapers. The Times, Guardian and Telegraph perpetually vie to corner particular niches of the upscale or specialist job advertising market.