San Mateo Community College/KCSM-FM: Sax and Bass and Double Roll

Goodman Marketing Partners


Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: US
Date program started/ended: 25th February to 13th October 2009

Product Description: KCSM-FM is the only jazz radio station based in the Greater San Francisco/Bay area. Originally established as a student broadcast training facility at the College of San Mateo, it is now among the top 35 "most listened to" non-commercial stations in the US, according to Arbitron.

Advertiser/Client Name: San Mateo Community College/KCSM-FM
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

As a non-profit entity, KCSM-FM relies exclusively on private donations from consumers to keep their business operating. Year after year, KCSM solicits listeners for a minimum financial donation of $40. As the economy tanked, so did listeners generosity and the station watched the number of contributers slowly decline, as well as the average donation amount.