An intelligent classification tool to forecast customer loyalty

Nuria Agell
ESADE, Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain.
Lluís Martínez–Ribes
ESADE, Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain.
Mònica Casabayó
ESADE, Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain.
Juan Carlos Aguado
Automatic Control Dept. (ESAII), Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (University of Catalonia), Spain.


The paper presented here is part of a larger project, which aims at applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to the field of market segmentation, where there are as yet few applications (Moore et al 1995, Qureshi et al 1998). This article specifically explores the efficiency of the LAMDA (Learning Algorithm Machine for Data Analysis) classifier (Aguado 1998 and 1999) in analyzing customer loyalty. The work is being carried out in collaboration with a company operating in the field of large-scale distribution.