Landesverkehrswacht: See the Danger of Drink Driving

OgilvyAction GmbH

Campaign details

Client Name: Landesverkehrswacht NRW
Brand Name: Landesverkehrswacht NRW
City: Düsseldorf
Country: Germany
Category: Local and Regional Authorities

Campaign summary

The task was to raise awareness of the dangers of drunk driving and Landesverkehrswacht, the German road safety agency.

The insight was that the most effective way to communicate with our target was at the exact time and place they might be tempted to drink and drive: in pubs and bars. By using an interactive placemat, the consumer became involved in the story, and hence it became more personal, relevant and effective.

We also realised that the juxtaposition of the nice country road illustration and the frightening skull reflection on the placemat would work together to surprise and shock the pub-goer into not driving home – and calling a cab instead.