City of Antwerp: Thank you for not speeding

Agency name: LDV United
Client name: Local Police, City of Antwerp
Category: Cause or Charity/ Non-profit Marketing


The city of Antwerp and the local police of Antwerp wanted to improve traffic safety with a joined campaign. The campaign had to sensitise drivers about speeding in Antwerp streets. There were no competitors for this campaign.


In 2004 the city of Antwerp was a ‘fragmented city’. Local politicians were involved in scandals and the citizens were dissatisfied and always complaining about what went wrong, instead of seeing what went right. In 2004 the city of Antwerp was rebranded. A new logo and baseline (‘the city belongs to all of us’) had to improve consistent communication between the city and its citizens. Moreover it had to reconnect the citizens with their city and turn the tide. Today, 7 years later, the city of Antwerp is a strong brand, loved by its citizens and copied by other cities. The ongoing efforts the city has put in to communication have created goodwill with the Antwerp citizens. This goodwill has proven to be very useful in the anti-speeding campaign we created.