The Challenge for Magazines

Christine Walker
Walker Media

If you had just arrived on planet earth you could be forgiven for asking the question 'What challenge?' After all, on the face of it, consumer magazines were one of the few established national media in the UK to register a positive advertising growth in 2001 over 2000 (see Table 1). Outdoor declined by 3%, national newspapers by 8% hiding a disastrous decline within the quality broadsheet sector radio, the darling of the 90s, fell by 9% and TV, disabled by structural and content issues, dropped 11%. By the end of quarter one 2002, TV was registering -6.8% on 2001.


Media type

% change

Magazines +4
Outdoor -3
National Newspapers -8
Radio -9
TV -11
Source: Advertising Statistics, 2002 Warc.

Underlying stability