Inspiring creativity through online stakeholder involvement – how Electrolux piloted the user forum online for product innovation

Steffen Entzeroth
Major Appliances, Electrolux, Belgium.

Menno Urbanus
Qualitative Research Department, Blauw Research, Netherlands.

Ine Dinklo
Marketing Research Department, Blauw Research, Netherlands.

Edward Groenland
Nijenrode University; and Blauw Research, Netherlands.


This paper describes a new integrated approach to product innovation research as developed by Blauw Research of Rotterdam (Netherlands). It explains how a combination of online qualitative and quantitative modules can reveal business opportunities and inspire a New Product Development (NPD) team. Particular attention is given to the User Forum Online (UFO), a qualitative bulletin board that can play a crucial part in increasing the involvement of all people in the NPD team and making the difference for business.