Insight into poverty: How to approach consumers in crisis

Katarzyna Gawlik
TNS, Poland
Beata Gers
British American Tobacco, Poland


This article constitutes the aftermath of an extensive research project conducted by TNS Poland on behalf of BAT Poland in summer 2011. The project's goal was to provide information regarding the group of poorest tobacco-smoking Poles. Wide-scale exploratory research was carried out for this goal, covering not only smokers but, more generally, developments related to poverty in Poland. Four in-depth expert interviews were conducted (with sociologists Professor Janusz Czapinski, UW, and Professor Elzbieta Tarkowska, IFiS PAN; with cultural anthropologist Jacek Wasilewski, UW, PhD; and with psychologist Agata Grabowska, PWR, PhD), social and economic data available was also analysed, and 12 all-day ethnographic observation sessions were conducted with the participation of low segment smokers (four women and eight men, aged 18-45 years; in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Lublin, Olesnica and Zamosc). The next step was qualitative and quantitative testing of concepts developed by BAT for the target group thus identified.