Point of purchase insights – improving the shopping experience

Toon van Galen and Montse Ratera
Ratera & van Galen Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia


This paper shows that a detailed insight into how shoppers decide what to buy, and how they actually browse and shop, can lead to better, more efficient and easier to shop in-store presentations for fast moving consumer goods. The paper also describes the different research methodologies used to gain this kind of insight: interviews at the aisle, observation of browsing behaviour, hidden video cameras combined with an interview, focus groups, store audits, scan data analysis and traffic flow measurement.


Advertising budgets are shifting towards the point of purchase because the media landscape becomes ever more cluttered, differentiated, and overwhelming for consumers. The number of messages that shoppers could theoretically see is increasing and the attention that those messages get has to be shared over more messages, thereby reducing the impact.