KFC Menuboards: Simplifying the familiar

KFC Menuboard: Simplifying the familiar

Point of Sale

Design Bridge


Show Me The Money!

In the past few years, KFC menuboards had become visibly cluttered with the launch of snacking products, a new value menu and specialty beverages. Research indicated the menuboards were negatively impacting overall brand experience by confusing Medium/Light brand users and constraining trade-up/reducing visibility of new products for Heavy users. Moreover, key competitors had raised their game on food values and clarity of priorities in their point of sale. All set against a recessionary backdrop with pressure on consumer spending.

In effect, we needed to make the menus at point of sale work harder!

The design solution, which employs a new look, optimised space allocation and improved navigation based on how consumers decide, has reduced clutter and confusion whilst increasing awareness of promotional items thus positively enhancing the consumer experience at point of sale. Without removing any of the products, Design Bridge's solution successfully guides customers to the most relevant area of the menu more quickly and logically with great result.