Keynote speech of Mark Hunter, CEO Molson Coors, and President of ISBA

Wednesday 21st April 2010
London Hilton, Park Lane, London
About the speaker

Many thanks Rory and good afternoon everyone.

It's a pleasure to be here as President of ISBA, a role I relish and one that complements perfectly the privilege of leading Molson Coors, an organisation that you'll probably know best in a previous guise as Bass Brewers, the UK's second largest beer company, most famous for Carling our flagship brand.

My theme for today is the need for transformational change in terms of the client agency relationship… and if you'll indulge me a moment I'd like to share a historic story from my own business that I think offers great context to the term 'transformational change' and the need for a challenger mindset as circumstances dictate.