How Google is winning the trust of the C-Suite directly through social selling

Low Lai Chow

"For forever, really, sales people and account managers have been the main information source for B2B buyers," according to Tom Skotidas, founder and director of B2B social lead generation agency Skotidas.

This is no longer the case, he said. While the old-hat approach with traditional marketing works, these methods just don't cut it as well anymore as buyers have access to enormous amounts of information through Google, Yahoo, blogs and comparison sites. "And, in the last ten years and especially five years, social networks are transforming how buyers go about sourcing information and making decisions, and causing a shift and a real issue for many sales organisations."

Skotidas was speaking alongside Google's head of enterprise marketing in Asia, Cathy Yum, at ad:tech ASEAN, an event held in Singapore in July 2014, where Yum talked about how Google is marketing its business solution Google Enterprise to the C-Suite directly by using the unconventional channel of social networks. And after all, why not?