Armstrong – Unreal

Category: Household Furnishings & Appliances
Brand/Client: Armstrong
Primary Agency: BBDO
Media Agency: OMD


It's Unreal How Real It Looks

Consumers have always thought of Armstrong as a well-established and trusted brand, known for offering world-class vinyl floors. However, over the last decade consumers have been seeking a broader variety of flooring options, particularly natural looking product forms. To meet these demands, Armstrong has expanded its flooring portfolio into other forms and sought to broaden consumer perceptions with regard to product selection.

For the homeowner, purchasing a floor is a high stakes proposition with lots of perceived risk. It is not only an expensive and infrequent purchase, but a huge emotional investment as well, since it reflects personal style in the home. As flooring is a low involvement category (until a need arises) with little brand preference, often consumers rely on in-store influencers such as salespeople and the look/feel of the products to gather information and facilitate making decisions.