Media reach – optimising touch points during the purchase journey

Philippe Jourdan
Panel On The Web, France

Luc Wise
Agence V, France


In a few years the number of communication supports has multiplied significantly. Nowadays, announcers benefit from a large offer that combines both the strengths of advertising mass communication (large media) and the advantages of a targeted action (outmedia). The launch of new products now involves communication plans with a constantly increasing part of the outmedia. That trend is partly explained by the saturation of the main advertising supports (especially TV in France) but above all by the success of indirect communication strategies (viral marketing, editorial advertising, sponsorship, etc.). In France in 2007, advertising investments devoted to the outmedia have amounted to more than Euros 20 million, i.e. almost 70% of communication expenses. The development of the Internet has even been accompanied by the emergence of a new term in addition to media and outmedia: some announcers now integrate a third channel, the “hypermedia” (the symbolic milliard of euros threshold was already been reached at the end of 2005). If the outmedia's more important weight than the media's is a national specificity, that trend is meant to be enhanced by the deletion of advertising on public TV channels: judging from an Aegis Media survey amongst 87 announcers whose advertising investments have represented a total of Euros 2.8 million in 2007, almost 80% state that they “want to find innovations, invest in content and produce content in order to emerge in a landscape full of television”.