Heinz Watties NZ – A Seriously Good Launch

Category: New Product or Service Introduction
Agency: OMD
Advertiser: Heinz Watties NZ


Desperate to take advantage of the fast-growing mayonnaise category, Heinz developed a new premium product called Seriously Good Mayonnaise, to directly compete with Best Foods who had a 60% market share.

But it was not going to be easy for Heinz to steal Best Foods “foodies” customer base.

The campaign strategy sought to find a key influencer who the target would respect, and place them at the heart of the communications programme to quickly establish SERIOUSLY GOOD MAYONNAISE as a key player in premium mayonnaise.

OMD selected 'Seriously Good NZ chef' Michael Meredith for this role.

It also identified extensive product sampling as being integral to the success of the launch.