How brands are using mobile messaging to extend reach in Japan: Insights by LINE

Low Lai Chow

The fastest growing social media platforms in the world right now, according to Social@Ogilvy's global managing director Thomas Crampton, are mobile. "Four of them are mobile-first, including LINE," he told the Social Matters conference held in Singapore in May 2014. And LINE's growth has been phenomenal.

Originating in Japan, the app has gone on to capture markets abroad and today 88% of its users today come from outside its home market. While most of its users are from other Asian countries, it also draws users from Europe (Spain has over 18 million LINE users) and North America (the USA and Mexico each have over 10 million). In Japan, there are over 51 million users, while LINE also has a sizable presence in Thailand (over 24 million), Indonesia (over 20 million), India (over 18 million), Taiwan (over 17 million), Malaysia (over 10 million) and Korea (over 10 million).