Superdrug Beauty Face Masks: Face value

Agency: Biles Inc.
Client: Superdrug
Brand: Superdrug Beauty Face Masks
Category: Packaging: Own Brand - Other

Executive summary

In 2011, Superdrug were witnessing a decline in sales of their own-label beauty face mask offering, with sales falling -16% YOY; and although Montagne Jeunesse, the market leader, continued to grow sales in Superdrug stores at +4% YOY and monopolise the category, the category was actually in overall decline in Superdrug stores, falling at a rate of-20% YOY.

Wishing to be reactive, Superdrug asked Biles Inc. to help by redesigning their packaging in order to reignite consumer engagement, stabilise sales and drive growth.

One year on and Superdrug Beauty Face Masks are now experiencing success beyond their expectations. Montagne Jeunesse has been delisted, and sales of the new own-label retail range outperform sales of the previous Superdrug and Montagne Jeunesse ranges combined!