Creating One Telefónica Family

Lambie-Nairn & SomeOne

Client: Telefónica
Category: Internal Engagement

Executive summary

This is the story of how we created one Telefónica family, and in the process developed one of the largest and most successful internal brand engagement programmes in Europe.

Our challenge was to bring together 22,000 employees from across five countries, all of them passionate about O2, and to create a single culture, all proud to be employed by Telefónica. Most employees were aware of Telefónica's acquisition of O2, but were unclear on its role in their day-to-day lives. Many of them saw Telefónica as a 'silent owner' rather than their employee brand which they could benefit from or should engage with. Employees were also deeply passionate about O2, for whom they had been working hard since 2002. To encourage them to embrace Telefónica as their employee brand, we needed to help them understand the changes on a practical and emotional level.