IAB and Videology on the convergence of TV and video

Joseph Clift

Attendees of Engage, a conference organized by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK, a digital marketing trade body, received a stark warning about the future viability of teir industry.

Randall Rothenberg, head of the IAB’s US chapter, pointed out one of the biggest challenges: the rise of ad blocking. “It’s hard to imagine a world in which commercial messaging isn’t getting through. Way too much crap is getting built into ads. We need to get back to first principles, better user experience," he said.

“Here’s an exercise: start saying the phrase ‘when my TV channel loads’, and see how that feels."

But at the same time, TV is in deep trouble, too. Rothenberg cited data showing that 17% of US households that are subscribers to Netflix and Hulu, video on demand services, are “cord cutters” and do not subscribe to cable. “This is more and more of a trend - away from terrestrial television," Rothenberg added.