McDonald's: Real Time Olympics

Jamo Woo and Icy Han
NM Digital

Campaign details

Brand owner: McDonald's
Agency: NM Digital
Brand: McDonald's
Country: China
Industry: Restaurants and takeaways
Media budget (USD): $500k - $1 million
Channels used: Games and competitions, Internet - microsites, widgets, Mobile and apps, Social media, Sponsorship - event or property, Television

Executive summary

McDonalds, the quick service restaurant operator, wanted to increase awareness in China of its sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympics. However, it needed to overcome the impact on consumers' interest of the time difference and distance between China and Britain, particularly given the fact the 2008 summer Games were held in Beijing, and therefore naturally attracted a huge Chinese following. This case describes how the brand created a 'real-time Olympics' smartphone app to engage consumers in the Olympics when they were at McDonald's outlets.