Clorox Bleach: Bleachable Moments

DDB San Francisco, Critical Mass

Put a toilet-training toddler and warm bathtub water together and what do you get? Bleachable Moments. Bleachable Moments dramatizes the everyday but extreme moments in life that only Clorox Bleach can solve. It began from an insight that for many new parents there are mishap moments in daily life that they would prefer to erase from their memory – we call them the 3Ps: pee, poop, and puke. These moments are highly relatable, funny (after the fact), relatively germy and share-worthy. These situations celebrate the humor of everyday life and highlight how Clorox Bleach is the undisputed resolution to the situation.

Business situation and campaign objective

Bleachable Moments was born out of a simple problem statement rooted in a core business issue: declining Clorox Bleach household penetration amongst younger U.S. households. Household penetration for consumers under 35 years old was ∼10% less than consumers over the age of 64 (see Figure 1). So the team asked: How might we drive growth on Clorox Bleach by making a nearly 100 year old product fit the everyday life of a new generation? Our business objective was to reverse the category and brand trend and restore our rightful place on the shelves of American households. The campaign objective was to modernize and reinvigorate Clorox Bleach amongst younger consumers and in turn, increase household penetration. Our goal was also to meet or exceed the volume driven by our campaigns of the last 1-2 years.