Valspar Europe

Webb deVlam

Client: Valspar
Category: Point of Sale

Executive summary

To introduce Valspar to the UK, Webb deVlam was challenged to create a new market for the brand and encourage new consumer habits.

We designed meaningful branding and helped create a new shopping experience for B&Q's Colour Centre. 'See Yourself in Colour' is a branding campaign and concept that is extended to point of sale, retail and digital space.

It is a great example of how design can help expose a new brand to unchartered territory and help deliver business success along the way.

  • Converted consumer behavior: 16% conversion of consumer habits of shopping for pre-tinted paint to tinting in-store.
  • The tiered brand design on the paint cans has made a significant positive impact on persuading an unprecedented 40% of Valspar buyers to choose the more premium paint.
  • This initiative resulted in a reduction of inventory complexity and controls distribution.
  • Valspar's introduction to the UK market succeeded among strong local competition.
  • Brand design is a GD USA Award winner.
  • Valspar's inviting, modern and carefully designed area improves people's overall perception of the paint department of B&Q, an area that consumers don't generally enjoy shopping in.
  • These successes were achieved without any promotional activity.

Project overview