Digital opportunities in India: Insights from ad:tech New Delhi 2014

Preeti Chaturvedi

Exploiting the potential of second screening, online video and remarketing could help brands reach India's rapidly-expanding internet audience, according to various speakers at ad:tech New Delhi, a conference held in early 2014.

Karim Temsamani, president/APAC operations at Google, talked about how, at the global level, the internet's epicentre is moving from West to East, with India playing an increasingly important role in this process. To take one small example of a far wider trend, online searches for cricket – the most popular sport in the country – have now overtaken those for baseball.

There are currently an estimated 200 million internet users in India, and four million are added on average every month, according to Temsamani – and many of these connected consumers only log on through mobile phones. In a further indication of how the market is developing, he predicted that 50 million women will be using the web in the Asian nation by the end of 2014.