Sponsorship: Entertainment brands as partners

Julian Saunders and Jon Reay
The Joined Up Company and Aqueduct

With the digital revolution, sponsors are increasingly able to tie-in with entertainment brands across different media delivering more value to brand owners. It promises to help sponsors achieve both brand and sales effects.

Bout 10 years ago doomsayers started to predict the demise of the TV ad – a combination of the internet then the broadband-internet then PVRs and later 'video on demand' would mean audience fragmentation, ad skipping and time shifting. And that is a killer combination. Or so the doomsayers said.

Now it hasn't quite worked out like that. Much of the initial research with early adopters was not a good predictor of future mass behaviour. The TV channels also got their act together through thinkbox, and staged a good comeback by making the effectiveness case for TV advertising. Yet most of the trend presentations that marketing people were seeing through most of the last decade told them that they needed to prepare for the demise of their favourite and most expensive marketing tool – the TV commercial – and, at the very least, test alternative approaches. It was an important stimulus to innovation. As Doctor Johnston once said: 'The prospect of being hanged concentrates the mind wonderfully.'

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