Berocca - Moving from sickness to health: how Berocca achieved big growth when it stopped acting like a multivitamin

Jennifer Baldwin and Sibel Akel – JWT


The judges found this paper a real pick-me-up, just like Berocca itself. By 2008, even after 19 years in the UK market, Berocca remained a small brand, famed as little more than a hangover cure and ranged alongside a whole host of other seemingly similar multivitamins. This paper shows how communications helped Berocca answer its parent company's bold ambitions to make it a larger brand. It did this by moving Berocca from the increasingly stagnant world of multivitamins, focused on persuading consumers of their deficiencies, and into a growing world that appealed to consumers to be on top form. The result was a campaign which delivered a payback of £2.02 for every £1 invested. Furthermore, Berocca became the largest multivitamin brand in Bayer UK, and the third largest brand in its consumer care portfolio. We live in a world where well-being, rather than wellness is the buzzword and Berocca tapped into that trend very effectively. The brand captured a new spirit that added pick-me-up to the range of benefits offered in the vitamin aisle.