Visualising the Future of Media by Way of Muncie

Joe Mandese

If Dale Herigstad is right you will not be reading columns like this in the not-too-distant future. You will be watching them. Herigstad is one of a group of cutting-edge media content designers who met recently in a Beverly Hills hotel to discuss what media might look like in the very near future.

Their consensus: media is not likely to have much, if any, text information associated with it. It will be mainly visual. And if you ever have the chance to see Herigstad's designs, you will understand why.

If you have watched the Steven Spielberg movie Minority Report you will have seen some of his handiwork. The scenes in which actor Tom Cruise investigates crimes by interfacing with a holographic computer screen using nothing but hand gestures were conceived by Herigstad, who says the concept of a gesture interface is already coming to fruition. He cites iToy, a children's video, which interacts with users via a camera that films their hand gestures.