Measuring promotions: Activation response management

Steve Messenger and Ray Higgs
RedRoute International

Online planning tools that assess the shopper consequences and sales uplifts for each promotional trigger can help to evaluate the effectiveness of shopper activation programmes

Shopper marketing covers a broad range of activities, each of which present a different challenge to measuring response and evaluating effectiveness. We explain here how to meet these challenges, using case examples to review some of the tools, and explain how web apps are being used to exploit those answers to get better returns in the future.

This last point is key. Measuring response is not just about evaluation. Although essential to answer questions such as: did the activation programme meet its objectives?; which activities worked and which didn't?; and where could we have executed better?; it's important to not only use the knowledge to justify what happened yesterday, but also to understand how the activation worked and why, so you can plan better, more effective, campaigns for tomorrow.