One size fits all

A global model for diagnostic pre–testing of TV commercials

Chuck E, Young
CEO and Founder, CY Research, Inc. d/b/a Ameritest, United States.


The development of multi-national advertising campaigns requires sensitivity to the diverse cultural lenses through which different audiences in our global community view the iconography of an advertisement. Yet it also requires the operating assumption that on at least some levels advertising works in the same way around the world. The implicit argument is that in the end all advertising works by making a connection with the human mind.

For advertising managers, charged with the responsibility of directing advertising for a global brand in a multi-cultural world of increasing change and clutter, there is an important need for a simple and coherent framework for thinking and communicating about advertising in a way that crosses the cultural divides that separate managers in one country from those in another. Indeed, client and agency are sometimes as far apart in terms of communication as any two countries. A similar divide separates traditional market researchers from account planners (Baskin and Coburn, 2001).