Advertising To The Herd

How Understanding Our True Nature Challenges The Ways We Think About Advertising And Market Research

Mark Earls
Ogilvy & Mather

'This paper is born out of a feeling that something is not right with the way the word 'consumer' is used nowadays. This word must surely be one of the most frequently used in the lexicon of advertising, marketing and research language. Yet it has not been subject to the huge attention or to the rigour of analysis as has the word 'brand'[1]

This paper is charged with the same sense of dissatisfaction. A feeling that there is more to be said about the subject. A frustration with the current models (including that proposed by Valentine and Gordon's insightful paper) for missing some big and important truths about how human beings are. And the belief that these 'missing truths' might contribute to a significantly more insightful and effective approach to marketing and market research.