Re-defining marketing measurement- Impacting the bottom line through deep understanding of offline and online interactions

Hilary Perkins
United Kingdom


Over the past 20 years the number and type of consumer touchpoints has grown exponentially - I’m sure this will come as no surprise to you. No doubt many of you have smart phones (or even televisions) with a variety of apps, and touchpad computers with 3G WiFi access and all of the other immediate response tools with which we now expect to live our lives.

So, consumers and brand owners have more choices than ever before, and brands are taking key investment decisions in an increasingly complex customer and marketing context. In turn this means marketing decision-making and attribution have become substantially more complex.


As figure 1 shows, growth over the past 30 years, particularly in the digital world, has been phenomenal. Alongside this growth, mainly due to economic pressures across the world over recent years, there has been a focus on reducing budgets and/or ensuring that money spent on marketing represents true value for money, as well as differentiating brands in consumer minds, thus accurately measuring ROI has become increasingly necessary.