Unilever: New Lynx Rise Wake Up and Stay Alert



THE TEAM • David Parker, Graeme Noble, Tom Harman, George Bell, Martin Harrison, Suzie Clark, Tim Russell, Luke Clark,Tavis Booth. Other contributor: Mind's Eye Media – Production.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • We knew our audience like to have a laugh, share funny stuff, and talk about it. The numbers say it all. Our videos were viewed for over 15,000 hours, with 450,000 Facebook views and a million and a half on YouTube.

OBJECTIVES • Help launch Lynx Rise with a bang. Support the ATL and PR and create an integrated campaign. Start conversations, gain more of an online presence, and get them to interact with the brand.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • Let's face it, sometimes guys can find it difficult in the morning, which could have a serious effect on their chances with the ladies. Cue Lynx Rise. A new shower gel created to help guys wake up and stay alert. Aiming at Lynx's key demographic (male 15 to 25-year-olds), we knew that whatever we did had to be funny or sexy or both. It also had to work quickly, as these guys have short attention spans. On the other hand, if they like something, they REALLY like it, and they'll share it and comment on it. We knew we'd have to be easily accessible, shareable, and comment-able. On Facebook, we gave our group page a refresh using the new Rise assets, with a dedicated tab, and made sure our editor was on hand to keep our current fans up-to-date. We used in-game advertising and Spotify ads and put our videos onto YouTube and into rich-media banners (well placed on blogs and Lad Mag sites). We also decided to stagger the release of the videos, to constantly engage the audience, after which we released best-of compilations. We gave our Facebook audience exclusive content, including behind the scenes footage, interviews with the stars, and still images.