Development In Outputs From The 2001 Census

Barry Leventhal
NCR Limited

1 Introduction

The Census of Population is arguably the information bedrock that underpins all survey research undertaken in this country. While this statement could be made for every census, the 2001 Census goes a long way further than its predecessors in terms of access to high-quality demographic data. For 2001, the Census Offices 'broke the mould' and introduced a number of major innovations including new questions in a new form design, a new data-collection procedure, automatic data capture and coding, and a revolutionary new strategy for disseminating the results.

These innovations particularly the ones that impact on census outputs will have significant implications for users. Users will need to understand both the obvious and subtle changes in order to obtain maximum benefit from the new results. In particular, market and social researchers who use the Census to plan, sample or control population surveys will need to review and adjust their procedures in an appropriate way to reflect the new data, the bulk of which is being released in the first half of 2003.