Quantitative research: Storytelling with numbers

Ollie Willis

When brand owners are submerged in a sea of data, it is vital that quantitative researchers find a narrative that tells a compelling story.

The role quant research plays for clients is changing rapidly. Quant's allure used to be that clients got more data that was more precise and covered more people. Now though, compared to the amount of data that brands emit every day, quant can look fairly modest. But when delivered properly, the insight gathered from quant research has never been more valuable. It is a beacon in the ocean of data that brand owners are bombarded with every day. From revenue to profit, clicks to dwell time, GRPs to ROI, likes to social media mentions, market share to A/B results, brand owners have never been so information rich but so time and insights poor. 'Indicating metrics' flood in, but what they indicate and what should be changed off the back them, how and why, often remains unclear. The sea of data usually gets deeper rather than clearer and a guiding light has never been more important.