Effects of message framing, vividness congruency and statistical framing on responses to charity advertising

Chun-Tuan Chang and Yu-Kang Lee

National Sun Yat-sen University


In the past, welfare services were mostly delivered by governmental agencies, and nonprofit sectors were only supplemental. However, due to fiscal constraints many countries have undergone welfare retrenchment from the 1980s and onwards (Clayton & Pontusson 1998; Starke 2006) which greatly reduced the weight of government initiatives. Consequently, the welfare services provided by nonprofit organisations (NPOs) are of growing importance. Globally, giving from individuals, which continued to account for an overwhelming majority of all contributions (74.8%), increased by 2.7% to reach an estimated $229.03 billion (Giving USA 2008). How to effectively attract individuals’ donations through advertising has become an important subject in charity marketing.