Cadbury Favourites

Tom Ward
George Patterson Y&R Meredith Simpson

Every now and then you stumble upon an insight so simple and powerful that it doesn't just inspire the creative idea, it becomes the creative idea. This is a story about how persistently thinking outside the chocolate box uncovered such an insight and carved a new place for an old Australian 'favourite' at social get-togethers across the country.

An occasional purchase…

Everyone knew Favourites, and most people were fond of the brand. The problem was they weren't buying it that often, and it was mostly bought at Christmas.

…but not right for special occasions

This is because of what people associated a box of chocolates with: special occasions. And Favourites no longer felt special enough. A number of 'premium' brands with European heritage had entered the market that felt more upmarket than Favourites, which had a casual, fun feel. People were therefore increasingly reaching for a competitor when buying a box of chocolates for that 'special' celebration.

And not special enough to cost more