SMS Technology: Evaluating Media For Youth Audiences

Steve Watkins

As media trading moves closer to single currencies (the latest addition being Mercury Fusion) and, inevitably, further commoditisation, perhaps it is an important time to remind the industry to think behind these numbers. Both quantitative and qualitative research can and should be used to throw light on media relationships and media consumption quality specific to advertisers' target audiences.

If reach and frequency that is to say consumption is the currency of the media trading process, we would argue it should not be the starting point of media planning. In fact it should be used only at the end of the process. Once an advertiser's target audience has been defined, we believe that the starting point should be to assess those media that they actively select and consume. This is demonstrated in the two models in Table 1. The media quality planning model starts by speaking to the target consumer; the conventional model relies on existing data.